Ihr Hersteller für Entstaubungsanlagen aus Magdeburg
Ihr Hersteller für Entstaubungsanlagen aus Magdeburg

Flue gas cleaning

ETM - Flue gas cleaning system ETM - Flue gas cleaning system

The ETM-flue gas cleaning system is not only used for a reduction of the acidic flue gas components but also to minimize the ecotoxic pollutants in the flue gas. This is accomplished using additives like e.g. activated charcoal or hearth furnace coke. Our systems will be tailored to your application and designed using the principles of dry sorption or conditioned dry sorption.


Dry sorption


The dry sorption is working after the principles of ad- and/or absorbtion. Therefore a sorbent is added to the flue gas in the exhaust or reaction channel. The sorbent is binding the pollutant on its surface (Adsorption) or with a chemical reaction (absorbtion). During the injection of the sorbent it is very important to get an even distribution in the flue gas. The solids are then separated from the gas stream in the downstream filter and a large part of the sorbent is than recirculated in the reaction channel.


Conditioned dry sorption


By using the conditioned dry sorption a better separation of the pollutant from the gas stream can be achieved. This is achieved by the additional injection of water, which can be realized e.g. by the use of an evaporative cooler. This causes also the lowering of the temperature of the gas mixture, which does enhance the effect of the sorption process.



To ensure an economical operation of the plant it is necessary to achieve a high utilization of the sorbent. Therefore, a large part of the already used sorbent is returned into the circulation. Thus a rather small portion of fresh resp. new sorbent has to be used. 




The specific sorbent has to be selected for each case.


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