Ihr Hersteller für Entstaubungsanlagen aus Magdeburg
Ihr Hersteller für Entstaubungsanlagen aus Magdeburg

Electrostatic precipitator

Our ETM electrostatic precipitators are designed as dry-type electrostatic precipitators. Its primary use is the field of hot flue gas dedusting, because of its resistance against heat and sparks.

Funtional principle - ESP

electrostatic precipitator - functional principle electrostatic precipitator - functional principle

In the electrostatic precipitator the dust particles are separated from the gas using the electrostatic precipitation. The dust particles in the gas get negatively charged by the electrodes emitted by the discharge electrodes. The dust particles are then moving in the strong electrostatic field towards the positively charged collecting electrodes. During the contact with the collecting electrode the dust particles get discharged and stick to the electrode.


The electrode systems is getting cleaned at regular intervals. This causes the dust to fall into the hopper underneath the electrode system and from there in the designated conveying system.

Advantages of the ETM-Electrostatic-Precipitator

  • designed for low maintenance
  • low pressure drop
  • heat resistance
  • optimized separation efficiency
  • low investement costs because of the usage of standardized systems and components
  • installation of mechanically and electronically optimized discharge electrodes for an homogeneous zone of charging
  • movable suspension for the collecting electrodes
  • wear-resistant knocking system through intelligent hammer design
  • high-performance real time controller for the high voltage units
  • PLC based and self optimizing controls for the high voltage units
  • customer specific individualization


For more information regarding our ESP program please look into our ESP-brochure.


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